Friday, May 08, 2009

Vacay Ideas: A Pic-less, but not Priceless Post

Travelling is fun - it expands my world and it allows me to photograph and observe. Reflecting back to last summer when I went to London and Paris, which generated a good amount of stories, I cant wait to go places this summer. Most have heard the funny stories from last summer, so not sure it's blogworthy or worth mentioning here - I do have them written down on a napkin somewhere. And because we're in recessionary times, I think travelling domestically is not a bad budget idea. This summer (and beyond) there are a few places I have in mind:

(1) Maine: Marissa has kindly offered up some housing in Maine for some time in July. I really want to make this happen because we've been talking about "MAINE!!" for so long. New England is gorgeous during the summer ... and it doesnt get that humid up there. I havent been back to even NH for quite some time.

(2) San Francisco: Need to visit Alyrris and family before August. San Francisco is also one of my favorite places to be in general - but moreso during the summer. Whereelse can you enjoy clear blue sunny skies and a light Northface jacket in the middle of the summer!

(3) Los Angeles: Visit Bud when he graduates. I hope I can make this.

(4) A weekender with Bud: maybe Yosemite? Need a brother-sister weekend sometime and soon.  Some initial thoughts: Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho or Montana.  We would rent a car and drive casually somewhere random but not aimlessly.

(5) Egypt: I've always wanted to go - Nora could act as my tourguide. Tks in advance, pal!!

(6) India: Maybe later in the year. Given how much I love color and yoga, this could be a fun, no brainer spot for me. This trip would be a bit far, and would require some additional planning in advance.

(7) Italy and Spain: I love both Italian and Spanish food and architecture. I'm guessing this won't happen in 2009. Too bad for that, but a post about vacays is not complete unless I mention these two countries.


2 thoughts:

Rosie, I really like this blog. A few things:

1 - PAL was integrated quite well in your lingo
2 - "MAINE!!" I can picture you saying this with your mouth wide open and then saying "YAY!"
3 - Northface comment is classic.

I look forward to reading more about travels, food, and um funny Rosie things.

If you go to Spain- book El Bulli