Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stream of Events on Ordinary Wednesday

Black and White Trio from Crumbs

After last night’s hour of happiness at Sweet Revenge in the Village (Crimson Red Velvet, Spiced Carrot Cake, Carafe of White Sangria), I almost wanted to sleep in this morning. But because I'm not lazy / dont require that much sleep, I started the day early.

A stream of events from a not-very-eventful, ordinary Wednesday follows:

5:05AM: Awake, respond to msgs on bb, look out window where it's already light outside. there’s a pretty crescent moon amidst a pink and light blue sky. wanted to photograph but unintentionally fell back asleep for just a few minutes

5:16AM: Decide (after self protest, debate) to take an early morning class

5:35AM: Out the door. random passerby asks if im fillipino

6:00AM: Talk about bball / NBA with classmate re: potential Kobe vs Lebron faceoff. interesting stats: Chauncey Billups has made it to the playoffs 6x in a row … Robert Horry has 7 champ rings. I’m a fan of both players.

8:35AM: Wait for the elevator at Southpark en route to work. meet and converse with neighbor’s parents who are visiting from Australia

9:00AM: Oatmeal with a banana for bfast. admire GOOG logo, the missing link. check on daily morning sites (seriouseats, drudge report, wsj, nytimes, dealbreaker and weather)

9:15AM: Nora hands me a surprise: 3 black and white cookies from Crumbs. the Crumbsy joker logo reminds me of the mask Bree and Orson have from Desperate Housewives

9:30AM: Listen in on conf call and learn more about women’s health space and a spec pharma (women and testosterone, etc)

11:30AM: Tea time with milk and sugar. begin to make edits to last night’s draft presentation for a meeting next week.

11:50AM: Eat raisin bagel smeared with cream cheese (leftovers from an am portfolio co board meeting)

12:15PM: After researching Eastern Standard and Drink on Yelp, notice a received compliment and reminder to post from Yelp friend. quickly type a 2 min post about visit to Sweet Revenge and how sweet it is

12:30PM: Starvin marvin; eat lunch of spinach pasta/salami/tomatoes/red onions and cheese with pesto and red sauce

12:50PM: Waterbug/cockroach scare at a bullpen cube - the bug was easily 2 inches long and caused a soprano shriek

1:26PM: Marissa comes on gchat and we chat

2:36PM: Work at Excel Help Desk (helping out with CAGRs and print areas). continue to work at regular desk

6:00PM: Leave work to go home via B,D line. the subway is massively crowded during rush hour even during recessionary times

7:11PM: Talk to Marissa over the phone with lol (stands for lots of laughs, i used to think acronym stood for lots of love)

7:45PM: Decide to post blog entry. and i'm stopping here before this becomes overly annoying.

*Maybe I should reserve entries with this level of detail for a more interesting day


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