Friday, May 27, 2011

A DIY Barn Wedding Upstate New York

I absolutely love DIY weddings - theyre so personal and creative.  And I loved photographing the beautiful barn wedding in Germantown.  It was a perfect day with country flowers, fresh oysters and fireworks.  The dinner and horderves were prepared with fresh local produce (yay!).  The couple was beautiful, and because they had known each other for so long, their friends were all shared friends - they werent her or his friends only, they were completely mutual friends.

What made this wedding more memorable was the fact that I got stuck in a ditch in the parking lot field at the end of the night ... and some of the guys helping me out accidentally locked the car with the keys left in.  Thank goodness for their creativity, they got me back in using wires from a hanger.  Unbelievable!


2 thoughts:

Please tell us the venue - thanks!

Beautiful work.. .. beautiful everything!! ! where was this wedding? would you be able to share the name of the location? doesn't seem like it's apple barn which is in germantown.. ?