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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pre-Fixe Kittichai Lunch

On Sunday, Erika, Marissa and I met up at Kittichai. The place is so beautifully decorated with lots of warm vibrant colors (with good lighting :-).  The food was overall was good, the most memorable was the passion fruit sorbet with lychee tapioca. 

After lunch, we leisurely walked through Soho/West Village ...

With the pre-fixe lunch special, photo opportunities and good convo/laughs, it was kinda a perfect afternoon!

It's Snowed A lot in February

I spent half an hour strolling around in Central Park yesterday afternoon, only to have been hit by clumps of snow falling from the trees.  I would have stayed longer, but at one point, after many incidences of having cold snow fall on my head unexpectedly, I recalled the story of the man who got hit by a falling tree.  Too dangerous!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Surprise 60th Birthdays Celebration

A few weeks ago my coworker Brad asked if I would photograph a surprise birthday party for his inlaws, both of whom are turning 60 this year.  Because their birthdays fall in April and August, it was a super surprise.  Everyone was so friendly and loving ... and here are some highlights:


Friday, February 19, 2010

LoveNation's Launch Party

Thanks to Marissa's connection skills, I photographed LoveNation's launch party, which took place on Tuesday at the Public House by Grand Central.  Laurie and Thomas are both easy to photograph - they're so friendly and talk a lot with their hands, and coincidentally wore matching red.

Event photography is always a lot of fun and requires energy ... too bad though, I lost my voice and felt a lil queasy.  Nonetheless, I clicked along and came up with these ...

Alyrris is Funny ...

Conversation from yesterday afternoon:

ALYRRIS: and how can you afford new photography equipment, if you don't make money
ALYRRIS: maybe you can adopt some kids
ALYRRIS: and become a foster parent
ALYRRIS: your own kids = money drain
ALYRRIS: foster kids = profitable business!
ALYRRIS: I heard you get like 900 per kid per month

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Windham Weekend

Pics below are from a weekender up north - the atmosphere was chilly and lonely, many of the homes were seemingly abandoned (see below). We drove up on Friday afternoon and hungrily snacked on banana bread and Canadian ketchup flavored chips.   When we arrived in Prattsville Friday evening to check in, I was a lil scared walking up the steps to the front door to try the digital security lock ... especially when someone shouted out "there's a sharpshooter with a gun pointing at you!"

Didnt bring pocket camera up to the slopes ... was trying to stay on two feet.

It was Aaron's 30th birthday, so we celebrated with chocolate mousse cake with raspberries!