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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Friday Funday at the NYSE

Ive walked past the iconic NYSE building many, many times but had never been inside - so excitedly  last Friday I woke up early to go downtown to photograph. The event, Peru Day, was focused on Peru as an investment opportunity, and was filled with speakers and panels and discussion.  Throughout the day, various speakers presented: Ismael Benavides (Minister of Finance in Peru), H.E. Luis Valdivieso (Ambassador of Peru to the U.S.), Julio Velarde (Governor, Central Reserve Bank of Peru), Dan D'aniello (founder of Carlyle) ... After running around, snapping shots and eating lunch (fish + risotto cake + asparagus), the day was wrapped up with gifts given by Duncan Niederauer (NYSE CEO) and the closing bell ceremony on the trading floor.  How exciting!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Perfectly Packed Saturday in Beantown

Decided to make a last minute trip to Boston for a wknder that would include food, friends and fotos (2 corporate portraits).  Saturday ended up being so perfectly packed.  The day began early at 8am and included:

- buying 40 potatoes, 10 mangoes, 3 eggplants, at 8am at Haymarket
- photographing with the beautiful Boston skyline in the background
- brunching at Zoe's with an annoyingly high pitched fire alarm in the background (FD had to come in),
- photographing around HBS
- drinking tea w Sarah in Cambridge, and
- cooking lots of food at an Roseann & Marissa catered Indian dinner gathering at night
Such a wonderful day, with bits and pieces documented below:

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jean and Greg: Keep Calm and Marry On!

Jean and Greg tied the knot on February 26th on a cool winter's day.  Jean glowingly walked down the aisle to "Stand by Me" at Acension Church, and throughout the mass, Jean and Greg exchanged lots of smiles.   The whole day was beautiful and perfect (no rain, thank goodness).  Food at 107 West was amazingly varied and delicious (think quesadillas, fried raviolis, coconut shrimp and  fried chicken!) and cupcakes at the end of the evening were delectable.  While I'm still going through photos, here is a quick preview ... 
Lots of love to both of you!