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Monday, November 22, 2010

Pencils of Promise Multi-City Event Challenge

Back tracking a bit, on November 13th, Pencils of Promise, hosted its Multi-City Event Challenge, which was designed as a fund raising challenge across seven major cities in the country.  The event in the city kicked off in Midtown at Touch -
Pencils of Promise is a nonprofit that works to build schools and increase educational opportunities in developing countries; Here are some pics from the night of fun -

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Oliver's 5th Birthday Party was today, and the celebration was complete with face painting, balloons, elmo cupcakes (homemade by his siblings) and a three layer-cake!  There were cuties and bundles of energy, I'm glad the sugar came towards the end of the party!

Baptism in the Bronx

A Marine family from North Carolina drove to New York to have their daughter Viktoriyah baptized.  The mother's dress was beautiful to match her daughter's stylish baptism gown + furry coat.  Mass was entirely in Spanish (at Our Lady of Mercy Church), but because Catholic masses adhere to tradition, I knew what was going on and when ...