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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Foliage

Just like Summer, Fall started off with lots of rain ... and it has been cold and wet. Last Fall, I put together a collection of photos entitled Fall n2 Autumn, with an intention to track the progress of the foliage in Central Park. What I learned was that in order to track progression, I would really need to photograph from the same spot each week, rather than travel around, exploring the park.

It's been awhile since I've taken pics, but hopefully if it doesnt rain this weekend, I'll be out there with my camera capturing the final weeks of autumn in the city.

On Photoshop, hehe
A Pic from Central Park, Fall 2008

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yogasana Sunday

This weekend, NYC and LES hosted the tri-state yoga championships that took place in the Upper West Side, conveniently 7 blocks north of where I live.

While fun, the event was so draining and exhausting. I left my apartment around 10:20A to take an am class and didnt return home till 7P-ish. I only wish I took more pictures but I was running around and didnt even get to watch half of the event!

The winner of it all ended up being Kyoko, my Saturday afternoon teacher. When I first started practicing, I would only take class once a week, and it would be hers - she would give me the best corrections and would know when I was slacking (Terra said this was the case bc she has a similar figure and knows my body).

Some memorable things:
- Saw the studio owner from Ithaca who I met a few weekends ago, when I was first lining up on stage, he made faces at me so I would notice him. He also gave me a hug so big it cracked my back.
- People took turns playing piano to de-stress; I got people to sing Over the Rainbow as I played it for fun
- Free and endless amounts of Zico (I drank three while there)
- Terra made it! She told me she had dreams about me two nights in a row
- NYC's studio owner congratulated me in the end, and said she wanted to see me up there again next year
- My outfit stood out, but in a good way, and everyone loved the stripes!

Some people in the Green Room
Playing to De-Stress!
My friend and teacher who has been so wonderful and helpful!
The Champ!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Apple, Ricotta, Vanilla Tarts

Saturday Morning Tarts

After my morning walk in Central Park, I stopped by Whole Foods where they had a sale on red Gala apples. I purchased a few and decided to make apple, ricotta, vanilla tarts (with egg too!). I've already had two - good thing theyre not too unhealthy!

Only difficulty in making these were slicing apples as thin as possible ... and I ended up eating quite a few apples while slicing bc some slices didnt pass QC.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Upstate Weekender in Ithaca, NY

I took a few days off (because I have unused vacation days) and decided to spend a weekend upstate in Ithaca with Sarah. The weekend was fabulous and eventful.

The weekender began on Friday, enroute to Ithaca, after a mini adventure getting lost in Nichols, NY and Endicott, NY - I stopped by a convenience store to ask a girl if she knew how to get onto the 79. Oh no, She had no idea. But she mentioned how she could lead me through the backroads to get to Ithaca ... the directions were hilarious, drive for 10 mins, pass a Sunoco on the left ... and finally, little did she know she was leading me to the 79!

503 E Buffalo, Ithaca, NY

Nicely decorated apartment

Sarah Style
After arriving and some hugs, Sarah and I shopped at a rather large supermarket where we picked up groceries for dinner making on Saturday, and Five Guys (for some fries) and a wine shop for some local vino. Our dinner was peanut butter and blackberry jelly with some white wine.

On Saturday, we took a yoga class in the am. I can safely say it was the strangest class ever. The teacher, David (had a beard and lots of hair) was very in my face and he even wanted me to return to class again Sunday. He pushed me a lot, which was nice. Following class, we showered, drove to a bakery for chamomile tea and then to the Ithaca farmer's market. So many goodies. As we discussed what drew Ithacans to the area, we established that it could be in pursuit of fulfilling dreams of owning farms.

Green and Blue, My Favorite Colors

Vino Tour Along Cayuga Lake

In the afternoon, we began our wine tour along Cayuga lake (Frontenac, Americano and Knapp). The sun came out and it turned into a beautiful fall day. On the way back to her place, and after 23 tastings for $7, we stopped by some scenic stops. Drove through Cornell to check out the suspension bridge. Finally we made dinner based on the Moosewood recipe book she gave me for my birthday (vegetable stew with potatoes, eggplant, carrots, celery, mushrooms, squash; zucchini feta pancakes; pepper and tomato hummus; layered apple tartlets). We crashed into bed, falling asleep to early episodes of Sex and the City.

Dinner Food Based on Moosewood's Pocketbook

Sunday am was reserved for mass.

Immaculate Conception

It really was a fun, action packed weekend and I cant wait to see her again.

Monday, October 05, 2009

On Turning 27

Saturday was a busy day, and tk goodness, everything turned out well!

Some reasons why it turned out so well -
- Sarah rented a car and drove from Cornell to make it to dinner and festivities
- Marissa carried 2.5lbs of potatoes and a squash on a bus from Boston so I could have fresh CSA goodies for dinner (as per my request :-)
- JP kindly hosted everyone at his nice apt in the Lower East Side
- People showed up, including people I havent seen in a very long time

Saturday morning started out late when I got up at 7am - I had two hours of work, before I headed downtown to grocery shop for the evening before going to class. In the early afternoon, I also made strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese strawberry frosting. Around 6ish, we started cooking dinner, and for dinner we made butternut squash risotto, rosemary roasted potatoes, wild tomato salad (they were in season), honey, figs and ricotta bruschetta and strawberry on strawberry cupcakes! We've really gotten more efficient at food making and the food was all ready to be eaten by the time guests arrived at 8pm -

My Cooking Friends, We Have The Most Amusing Convos

Dinner Food Pics (Minus the Risotto!)
A Dinner Party in the Lower East Side

Supporting the Happily Fed Look

Following dinner, we walked to Pegu club on W Houston and W Broadway. The night began with a bottle of champagne (not my idea, but how nice!) - and it was so great to see everyone. The evening ended with eating pizza at two places, and catching up with Sarah (my favorite). Below are some more pics from the evening.

Some Party Pics

Thanks to everyone for making it so special! Y

Office Bowling Night

Office Bowling

We had an office bowling event at Lucky Strike (on 42nd and West End Highway) on Thursday evening. I was terrible - was the worst bowler in the office (I had 3 gutter balls in a row). Eek!!