Monday, October 26, 2009

Yogasana Sunday

This weekend, NYC and LES hosted the tri-state yoga championships that took place in the Upper West Side, conveniently 7 blocks north of where I live.

While fun, the event was so draining and exhausting. I left my apartment around 10:20A to take an am class and didnt return home till 7P-ish. I only wish I took more pictures but I was running around and didnt even get to watch half of the event!

The winner of it all ended up being Kyoko, my Saturday afternoon teacher. When I first started practicing, I would only take class once a week, and it would be hers - she would give me the best corrections and would know when I was slacking (Terra said this was the case bc she has a similar figure and knows my body).

Some memorable things:
- Saw the studio owner from Ithaca who I met a few weekends ago, when I was first lining up on stage, he made faces at me so I would notice him. He also gave me a hug so big it cracked my back.
- People took turns playing piano to de-stress; I got people to sing Over the Rainbow as I played it for fun
- Free and endless amounts of Zico (I drank three while there)
- Terra made it! She told me she had dreams about me two nights in a row
- NYC's studio owner congratulated me in the end, and said she wanted to see me up there again next year
- My outfit stood out, but in a good way, and everyone loved the stripes!

Some people in the Green Room
Playing to De-Stress!
My friend and teacher who has been so wonderful and helpful!
The Champ!


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love the stripes. very nice.