Monday, March 24, 2014

Astoria in March

Our weekend visit to Astoria was inspired by some apartment rental link found on facebook.  There's lots of housing options in Astoria, yet I hadnt spent much time in this area of town (other than a one-time visit to Kickshaw for the best cheese sandwiches). 

I spotted a Catholic church pretty quickly after coming out of the subway.  As we stepped into Immaculate Conception we crashed a wedding at the worst possible moment (right when the bride and groom were walking down the aisle) ... oops.

Astoria is probably best known for the delightful Greek restaurants, and lunch at Taverna Kyclades did not disappoint.  The seafood (branzino) was delicious as was the huge fresh block of feta.  Lots of bakeries also with delicious spinach and meat pies (Artopolis is a must visit) After lunch, we wandered all around the bustling multi-cultural town. Lots of hookah places, butcher shops selling cuts of meat and charcoal, and churches.

We left Astoria right at dusk to appreciate the beautiful the skyline is as viewed from the subway.


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Greek food - my fav! looks so good :-)