Thursday, March 06, 2014

Ash Wednesday Midtown Street Pics | St Patricks Cathedral

Every Ash Wednesday, I am consistently surprised by how many Catholics there are in the city. Just looking around, I saw an older man walk into an adult store with ashes on his forehead, a UPS delivery man strolling with a dolly also with ashes ... and many more adult and children observing the start of lent.

I went to St Patricks Cathedral, which is undergoing heavy renovation.  In the city that never sleeps it always seems to be opened as a place for prayer no matter the state. 

I should take street pics more often for fun and for practice ... you never know who is looking at you (a lil girl) or taking your picture (another photographer)! See below ...


2 thoughts:

If I didn't know why people have ash on their foreheads, it would freak me out :-). Nice pics as always !!!

Thanks Ben! I appreciate it you are such a loyal reader!