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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And He's Off to OCS

His birthday was yesterday, and he's off tomorrow.

Below are a few shots we printscreened before Bud goes on his nightly run. He leaves LAX tmr en route to Virginia for OCS training ... best of luck, I love you -

Making Some Faces

Single Hand Wave!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Best Practices Lunch: Óbiká

From Obika Website

My friend Howie walked by the IBM building and spotted Obika as a potential lunch spot - the place seemed clean with good, ample, lighting - almost like it would fit in the Crocker Galleria in San Francisco.

I hadnt caught up with Howie in a long time and because most of the partners are out at a golf outing today, I was able to enjoy a nice sit down lunch. We started off with the mozzarella tasting, which came with three handmade pieces of cheese: aestum, pontina and smoked. The cheese was a bed of spinach and tomatoes - the light one was creamy and good, but the smoked was a bit too smoky for my taste. For main entree, I had a huge plate of fusili with light pesto and lots of parmesan cheese. With all the cheese, I started to feel full, but even so that didnt stop me from ordering the dessert tasting and a cafe latte. The dessert tasting came with ricotta mousse with honey, tiramisu and chocolate torte. The tiramisu was so creamy and sweet (with the texture of panna cotta) - and was definitely my favorite out of the three. Everything was presented so nicely ... and it really made for a best practices lunch.

What a cool place - they even ™ed Mozzarella Bar®

Still really full!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Thinking

In Chelsea Getting Ready to Shop
I'm in the Mirror

I feel like I've been on a break lately, from life - I havent done much baking, cooking, reading, eating, photography, shopping etc., but I have been getting plenty of rest! I think as things get cooler and the leaves start to change color, I'll be inspired to be outside more. I'd probably do a Central Park Fall series again part two ...

I cant believe next week is October, time flies. September/October are busy birthday months: Old Bean (9/23, Happy Birthday!!), Bud (9/29), Me (10/3) and Mom (10/8)! Theyre not with me otherwise there'd be lotsa cake!

P.S. Happy Birthday Old Bean!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Feels Like Fall

Wow, right when I got back from San Francisco over Labor Day weekend, NY immediately felt like fall. The air became crisper, the sun less bright and I realized summer was finally over.

Last weekend Rakesh had an extra ticket to the Yankees game so he invited me to go. Matsui ended up doing really well at the game. Last year, the only Yankees game I went to, Matsui's home run ball actually hit my foot - but someone else got to keep the ball because it slided away. I must be his good luck charm because he's done so well at both of the two games I've attended. In any case, the weather was gorgeous (near 80º) last Sunday, and it's the last day will feel like summer for some time to come. Oh well. Fall on the East Coast is my favorite anyways. Y

The Orioles Team Congregating
It's Matsui!
Lotsa Fans
New Yankee Stadium

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day Weekend: Northern California

Here's the real photo update from the weekend. It was great catching up with family, and being able to squeeze in more baby Evan time. I love him!

Bud and I bonded on Friday (Brother Sister Day), we walked 8-10 miles and worked out for 1.5 hrs before lunching at the Ferry Building (Delica) with Rmy. Our conversation ranged from random trivia to future aspirations to other random tidbits. He's always going to be my favorite, and I cant wait to see him again hopefully during liberty weekend in November.

The weekend also featured lots of food (as per usual). I made 24 egg tarts, mostly because I made the first batch way too crusty. The second batch turned out much better, and the crust tasted like butter cookies. We ordered in lots of sushi on Sunday from Hotaru, which I liked a lot (esp their snow crab roll topped over wakame salad).

Sightings from Walk from Financial District to Marina (Top to Bottom, L-R): Heart in Union Square, Zarzuela Restaurant, Powell Street Cable Car, View from Nob Hill, Fella Street, Bay Bridge, Russian Hill and Marina

Bud and Me, Post Walk

Holding Evan

Self Snapshot
Sleepy Baby

Taken in Evan's Room (my old sleeping qtrs)

Egg Tarts

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Back From San Francisco, With Baby Evan Pics

Here are a few photos that I took of baby Evan over labor day weekend. Much love to him!

Baby Sleeping Series
Many Faces of Evan
Sucking Finger

Happy Lil Camper