Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day Weekend: Northern California

Here's the real photo update from the weekend. It was great catching up with family, and being able to squeeze in more baby Evan time. I love him!

Bud and I bonded on Friday (Brother Sister Day), we walked 8-10 miles and worked out for 1.5 hrs before lunching at the Ferry Building (Delica) with Rmy. Our conversation ranged from random trivia to future aspirations to other random tidbits. He's always going to be my favorite, and I cant wait to see him again hopefully during liberty weekend in November.

The weekend also featured lots of food (as per usual). I made 24 egg tarts, mostly because I made the first batch way too crusty. The second batch turned out much better, and the crust tasted like butter cookies. We ordered in lots of sushi on Sunday from Hotaru, which I liked a lot (esp their snow crab roll topped over wakame salad).

Sightings from Walk from Financial District to Marina (Top to Bottom, L-R): Heart in Union Square, Zarzuela Restaurant, Powell Street Cable Car, View from Nob Hill, Fella Street, Bay Bridge, Russian Hill and Marina

Bud and Me, Post Walk

Holding Evan

Self Snapshot
Sleepy Baby

Taken in Evan's Room (my old sleeping qtrs)

Egg Tarts


1 thoughts:

Looks like you had a good weekend despite getting sick on the plane.

You nephew is super cute. You would be the best aunt ever...always something good to eat!

I need to find an excuse to visit you out in NYC. I hate long plane flights though (and yes I consider 5 hrs long).