Friday, September 18, 2009

Feels Like Fall

Wow, right when I got back from San Francisco over Labor Day weekend, NY immediately felt like fall. The air became crisper, the sun less bright and I realized summer was finally over.

Last weekend Rakesh had an extra ticket to the Yankees game so he invited me to go. Matsui ended up doing really well at the game. Last year, the only Yankees game I went to, Matsui's home run ball actually hit my foot - but someone else got to keep the ball because it slided away. I must be his good luck charm because he's done so well at both of the two games I've attended. In any case, the weather was gorgeous (near 80º) last Sunday, and it's the last day will feel like summer for some time to come. Oh well. Fall on the East Coast is my favorite anyways. Y

The Orioles Team Congregating
It's Matsui!
Lotsa Fans
New Yankee Stadium


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Sounds like a nice day at the ballprk. Maybe Matsui is trying to impress you!