Friday, September 25, 2009

Best Practices Lunch: Óbiká

From Obika Website

My friend Howie walked by the IBM building and spotted Obika as a potential lunch spot - the place seemed clean with good, ample, lighting - almost like it would fit in the Crocker Galleria in San Francisco.

I hadnt caught up with Howie in a long time and because most of the partners are out at a golf outing today, I was able to enjoy a nice sit down lunch. We started off with the mozzarella tasting, which came with three handmade pieces of cheese: aestum, pontina and smoked. The cheese was a bed of spinach and tomatoes - the light one was creamy and good, but the smoked was a bit too smoky for my taste. For main entree, I had a huge plate of fusili with light pesto and lots of parmesan cheese. With all the cheese, I started to feel full, but even so that didnt stop me from ordering the dessert tasting and a cafe latte. The dessert tasting came with ricotta mousse with honey, tiramisu and chocolate torte. The tiramisu was so creamy and sweet (with the texture of panna cotta) - and was definitely my favorite out of the three. Everything was presented so nicely ... and it really made for a best practices lunch.

What a cool place - they even ™ed Mozzarella Bar®

Still really full!!


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You don't usually sit down for lunch? You just grab something quick? You need to take time and smell the roses...