Monday, October 05, 2009

On Turning 27

Saturday was a busy day, and tk goodness, everything turned out well!

Some reasons why it turned out so well -
- Sarah rented a car and drove from Cornell to make it to dinner and festivities
- Marissa carried 2.5lbs of potatoes and a squash on a bus from Boston so I could have fresh CSA goodies for dinner (as per my request :-)
- JP kindly hosted everyone at his nice apt in the Lower East Side
- People showed up, including people I havent seen in a very long time

Saturday morning started out late when I got up at 7am - I had two hours of work, before I headed downtown to grocery shop for the evening before going to class. In the early afternoon, I also made strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese strawberry frosting. Around 6ish, we started cooking dinner, and for dinner we made butternut squash risotto, rosemary roasted potatoes, wild tomato salad (they were in season), honey, figs and ricotta bruschetta and strawberry on strawberry cupcakes! We've really gotten more efficient at food making and the food was all ready to be eaten by the time guests arrived at 8pm -

My Cooking Friends, We Have The Most Amusing Convos

Dinner Food Pics (Minus the Risotto!)
A Dinner Party in the Lower East Side

Supporting the Happily Fed Look

Following dinner, we walked to Pegu club on W Houston and W Broadway. The night began with a bottle of champagne (not my idea, but how nice!) - and it was so great to see everyone. The evening ended with eating pizza at two places, and catching up with Sarah (my favorite). Below are some more pics from the evening.

Some Party Pics

Thanks to everyone for making it so special! Y


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