Monday, March 07, 2011

Perfectly Packed Saturday in Beantown

Decided to make a last minute trip to Boston for a wknder that would include food, friends and fotos (2 corporate portraits).  Saturday ended up being so perfectly packed.  The day began early at 8am and included:

- buying 40 potatoes, 10 mangoes, 3 eggplants, at 8am at Haymarket
- photographing with the beautiful Boston skyline in the background
- brunching at Zoe's with an annoyingly high pitched fire alarm in the background (FD had to come in),
- photographing around HBS
- drinking tea w Sarah in Cambridge, and
- cooking lots of food at an Roseann & Marissa catered Indian dinner gathering at night
Such a wonderful day, with bits and pieces documented below:


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