Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Quick Recap From First Weekend in May

(L-R, Top to Bottom): A House in Aquebogue; A Dirt Path, Windows Vista-Like; More Muddy Paths, Roanoke Winery, Red Barn, a Red Plated Californian 4x4, More Red, Backyard of Winery With Fluffy Clouds

I spent much of Saturday on Long Island, volunteering at an organic farm, Garden of Eve. The task of the day was to plant strawberries, and my friends and I collectively carried that out for a few hours (even implemented assembly line production to maximize efficiency). At one point, I saw a pitchfork and it instantly reminded me of my encounter of being chased throughout the yard with a rake maybe fifteen years ago. Nonetheless, it was bucolic, natural and pretty ... and the best feeling was washing my hands after getting them covered in dirt!
We were mildly rewarded with a yummy lunch of pasta and fresh organic spinach. The spinach was probably the best spinach I've ever had, and I got to bring home with me a huge bagful - a nice souvenir. After completing the task, and because we were already so close to the Long Island wineries, we made a stop at Roanoke Winery, where we split a bottle of red and basked in the slightly cool sun. The slight drizzle that started when we were working went away, and the day turned out to be gorgeous.
Saturday dinner was in Brooklyn, was followed by a post-dinner stroll, and we ended the day chatting on a couch in a coffee/tea shop, very Friends-esque. Apologies to my friends for repeatedly whistling Yael Naim's New Soul, and getting that Macbook Air song stuck in their heads!
Sunday was rain and more rain ... even so I shopped in Chelsea with Erika (Loehmann's, Housing Works, Banana). Purchased a few items, but still need to find some new flats.
Oh, and my friend Nora dropped off scrumptious brownies -- mmm good.


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nice pics! keep up the journaling

I like the colors in here, very bright.