Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some Mother's Day Love

Happy Mother's Day!

Through the years, we've grown together and apart, but nevertheless, I'll always love my mom very much.  Here are three old photos and some words to describe our relationship -

Mom and Dad in Ann Arbor, Late 1970s.

Resemblance.  I love this photo, and it was one of the first images I scanned when we first got a decent scanner.  Bud thinks he looks just like Dad and I like Mom.  Whenever we're together there is no question that Bud is Dad's son, and I am Mom's daughter.

Fish Fillet Sandwiches for Lunch (prepared by me in eighth grade)
Food. I love Mom's cooking, and I'm her #1 fan in that regard.  She makes terrific everything and has interesting and good creations like papaya soup.  Her food is so yummy, I often eat leftovers from dinner for breakfast (I like hearty meals).  At the same time, because she has such a sweet tooth (tiramisu and cheesecake), she used to enjoy the sponge cakes I would bake and the almond pudding I would make, ready to be eaten when she came home from work.

In Mexico, Hiking in Acapulco, December 2008.
Active.  We've been working out together for so long.  I remember starting in fourth grade when she worked at HAB (air force base), as early risers, we would wake up at the crack of dawn before 5am to do aerobics.  She's in healthy shape and we do pilates and exercise videos when we get the chance.
* Hmm, I'm still searching for a good M-day's gift, eek, it'll be late!!


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Oh my god, you are your mom do look so much alike!

Wow! I never imagined that your mom looked exactly like you too. More so than your sister!