Friday, May 22, 2009

Quotes from 5/18 - 5/22

Scribbling My To Bring and To Do List for Sunday on a Yellow Post-It

My life clearly revolves around food, and moreso lately, but there are other parts to it I must have failed to jot down. Here's a random sampling of the memorable quotes to summarize a few conversations and events from the week:

- "u end up with lots of wedding guests and not many bridemaids"
in reference to having millions of friends and few close buds

- "then why didnt you come say hello?!"
in reference to walking past friend's apt (and seeing the mint plant at windowsill)

- "I know you have cash needs and can sell at a cheap market price [without efficacy data] ... but to be brow beaten with low numbers is not tasteful"
in reference to postponing a deal for 3 months following positive clinical data

- "i am doing two models actually" || "it can't be that hard though!!"
"i am out of practice" || "that sounds wrong"
in reference to xls

- "im wearing twitter colors"
describing to friend my style of dress on Thursday eve

and finally, a nice comment:
- " I love that I get a window into your life, even when I don't see you every day :)"
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the color of your post-its look a little weird! nice update tho

scanner at work isnt that great, and i didnt bother to edit colors