Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Sunday Brunch

(L-R, Top to Bottom): jalapeño/habañero hummus; basil hummus; cilantro hummus; bottled mixed hummus; fried something, small baby habanero; fried and fresh cheese side by side
At Gobo, pre-Sorcerer play, Sarah and I were chatting about how easy/cheap it is to make hummus and how hummus can be a good source of protein. With that, we decided to make multiple varieties of hummus at Sunday brunch. We picked up some fresh goodies at Whole Foods and used a rather fancy blender to blend 3 varieties. The habañero pictured above (a bright orange) was purchased because I love its color and kept starring at it at the store (it's small and very cute). The white and lime green jar of tahini infused chickpeas was created mainly for the photo opportunity. Jaimin's fresh cheese, which probably required an entire gallon of milk and a pillowcase!, was delicious as always.


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