Saturday, May 30, 2009

Green Matcha Re-Match!

My initial attempt at baking green tea cupcakes was far from a success mostly because I used the wrong matcha.  Finding matcha powder in itself was a hard enough task; at first the only matcha I found came in tea bags from Whole Foods.  Bad idea!  The cupcakes werent terrible, but they also didnt have the matcha flavor I wanted to emphasize.

Feeling a bit unsatisfied with the first batch (made in Boston last wknd), I decided a re-try this morning.  Instead of matcha buttercream frosting, I opted for a light cream cheese frosting with powdered sugar.  I baked and frosted seven matcha green tea cupcakes from scratch, and this time, I was satisfied!

Cupcake Making Process: (L-R, Top to Bottom): batter; pre-bake; matcha powder; frosting making

Perky and Straight from Oven

Frosted with Light Cream Cheese & Powdered Sugar

* I also wore green and used a green mixing bowl!