Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cupcake Comparables v1

(Please Click to Enlarge)

I'm in comps mode ... I need to pull together a comprehensive set of apartment comps to present to my building in effort to renegotiate my lease. But this afternoon, I thought about a few things:

- I joined Twitter and now owe Marissa some cupcakes - can we do this via cupcake culinary tour part 2, city TBD?
- I dont really have much to post about today, and was not planning to post until someone very bored asked if I had an update
- I can integrate harvey balls into every day life

Please click on the above, and just like any other analysis, I welcome comments and will revise accordingly.


5 thoughts:

are you bored? why did you join twitter?

I LOVE the cupcake rating system...can't wait to start our baking/t-shirt company. :)

add a twitter gadget to your blog!

Your cupcake comps are very thorough and well-formatted. I especially like how you chose the Macha colored theme. Well done, Rosie. I will promote you to CEO of the R&N Cupcake Factory

How does one make those half circles?