Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Weekend Update (Memorial Day)

Friday: A Pizza Party

On Monday I asked the crew if they were interested in a pizza making party, and on Friday it happened. Our regular group expanded to include Sarah's sis and JP's two friends from out of town. JP is a fan of Del Fina in the Mission in San Francisco, and I know that he has tried to make pizza on his own a few times - his from scratch pizza dough seems so wholesome bc he tosses in barley and wheat flour. What I didnt appreciate until the end of the night was that he ordered a pizza stone from Amazon especially for the night.

The toppings were selected by a few of us and included lots and lots of goodies and veggies: a multicolor trio pack of peppers, two regular red onions, balls of mozzarella, stems of fresh basil, a perfectly ripe avocado, a mini pumpkin shaped tomato, and thin slices of chorizo and pepporoni.

Pizza pics are below. My personal creation (only ~1/3 of the last pizza) was an avocado/tomato slice pizza, all the other pizzas I just threw on ingredients to the extent they could fit. And how I have changed - I used to dislike that creamy goodness from California, but that was ten years ago.

Pizza Making Process

(L-R): Jalapeno, peppers and onions; basil and peppers; Meat lovers and Tomato & Avocado

Saturday: A Move to Ithaca and A Trip to Boston

On Saturday, I showed up at Sarah's apartment a little before the agreed time of 8:45am. I called her upon arrival and felt bad because she had gotten slightly lost after a few forced detours. JP staffed me with an initial task to sit curbside on 116 and Manhattan and to watch the boxes in order to reserve a parking spot for the van. People had mentioned this on Friday night (me acting as a guard) because apparently they think that I have a certain look that I can get away with violations such as placing personal belongings on the side of the street. Good thing it was in the morning, and so I didnt see any suspicious looking characters. Anyways, we were relatively efficient and finished loading Sarah's apt into the van within 2 hours.

I returned home, fixed a quick lunch and took a quick nap before showing up to class where I saw Patrick and he quickly remarked, "I thought you were supposed to be in Boston?!" (I didn't take his earlier class). (lots of quicks)

In the early evening I was Boston bound via bolt bus on which I played brickbeaker. The bus impressively left right on time. With the free wifi, I was able to surf youtube. And when the bus passed by St John the Divine cathedral on 110 I thought about how much I love the lighting at dusk before the sun goes down. That is my ideal time to shoot.

Sunday: A Day in Boston

Quite an eventful day that began early with pizza, canneolis and lobster cremes.

The events:
- Stayed up till 5am chatting
- Woke up early to bake matcha green cupcakes; realized I bought the wrong matcha, but later decided it tasted just fine
- Headed towards half marathon race
- Walked through garden, snapped a few pics
- Shopped at Banana
- Had a frozen green tea matcha at Tealuxe while waiting for a seat at Parish
- Lunch at Parish, overate gourmet sandwiches (banana bread, cheese and ham as an example) and onion rings; gave remainder of onion rings to an older lady who was eyeing them
- More shopping
- Stop at Taj
- Walk around the Common (reggae fest) and random residential neighborhoods (one alley looked like a movie set)
- Roofdeck relaxation

The comments:
- I havent walked around Boston in so long, yet many streets are still familiar
- Great luck with weather. We dodged lightening bc we were luckily re-seated inside at Parish right before the afternoon storm; after our walking day ended in the late afternoon, we listened to music in the apt as the second downpour of the day came down ... and hard
- Marissa and I both love moleskin notebooks
- I want to write a post about equivalent places in different cities. Like the Mission and the Lower East Side or Beacon Hill and Russian Hill

Matcha Cupcake Making Process

Beacon Hill, Reminds me of Russian Hill in San Francisco

Random Sampling of Boston Pics

Host Marissa
Monday: A Day Off

Monday was gorgeous again. The highlight of my day was meeting up with J who was in town for a wedding. We had lunch at a very empty Ono (Hotel Gansevort) and had some small plates. My favorite plate was the spicy crab pizza (pictured below), which had avocado, sprouts and radish. It was delicious and light.

I was a bit productive in the afternoon, running errands with a few friends. I grocery shopped while they picked up some champagne branded mangoes (the good kind).

And now after posting this entry, I have a lot of pictures to upload onto flickr, which I will do piece mail!

Spicy Crab Pizza at Ono


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