Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stay at Southpark? A Rant About Rent

My South Park Character Wearing an Original Red Beret

I was going to post about my new ideas for photo projects but instead I'll rant about rent because it's on my mind.

After hassling the Brodsky managers, I finally got a lease renewal - with a rent reduction of 12.5%. To me, that figure doesn't seem substantial at all because there are some great deals (one month free off of cheaper rent etc.) going on right now throughout the city and not even Brooklyn(!). Arguably it might be fun to redecorate a new apartment (even in an older, less classy building), buy a TV and familiarize myself with a new neighborhood.

And while I'd like to save on rent, I do like my apartment. The colors work well, the furniture comes from different places - such as my pistachio green ikea couch from 2004, my oak end tables from a furniture shop in NH and my mini book case "stained 7x" my dad made for me in NY, and studio itself is comfortable and casual. The building, called South Park Towers, has a pool and the area is convenient with easy access to public transportation and the park.

My rational self is telling me to pull together some comps by looking around neighborhood buildings (think One Columbus Place/Park Towers South) and to return to negotiate ... question remains ... to move or not to move ... TBD


3 thoughts:

You don't even watch South Park.

I am proud of that bookcase