Sunday, June 28, 2009

Highline and Brownie Browns

I took some pictures this weekend - I finally checked out the newly opened Highline Park and also baked some triple chocolate brownies on Sunday. Highline was a bit touristy (not surprisingly, I went on a weekend with nice weather), with a very metallic and industrial feel. I only spent 15-20 mins there but managed to snap a few shots. The brownies were sweet, and made use of four types of chocolate.

Here is the photo update:

Pocket Cam Collage Series
Views from Highline Park
Empire State in the Center But Might Not be Subject
Upper Deck Parking

Blue Reflective Self Portrait
Davis' Cookies
Brownies Still Cook While They Cool
Brownie Browns Baking Partner


1 thoughts:

You made my favorite baked good...brownies!

I dont have much of a sweet tooth (i prefer savory) but warm brownies are delicious