Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some Sunday Things

Continuation of Project Apt ...

My Home Style II (L-R, Top to Bottom): Jewelry in Scotch Glass; Necklaces in Tea Cup; EBIT and Snoops; Golden Pig; Polka Dotted Sash on Chair; Modern Rug; Yellow Book End on Floor; Graduation Precious Moment; Colored Pillows in a Row

Sunday morning started a bit late - After Corpus Christi, I headed over to help Sarah prepare for her work bakeoff (required ingredient: strawberries - how versatile!) around noon. Despite my creative suggestions: strawberry & banana muffins with cinnamon, strawberry tart with fresh mint, strawberry buttercream macaroons, strawberry brownie cupcakes, or strawberry white chocolate cookies, she opted for something a tad less labor intensive -

Strawberry Muffin Shaped Biscuits Baked in Muffin Cups on a Pizza Stone

I was also surprised (and unsurprised) to learn that she carries fresh vanilla bean from Costa Rica in her bag ...

Surgically and Skillfully (with focus) Removing Vanilla Bean from Costa Rica

We started lasagna preparations and I learned that giving tomatoes a cold bath deskins them. I also learned that the black part right under the cap of the mushrooms is an indication of freshness. Later after chatting with Jaimin about the best inventions in the last 25 years (internet, mobile communication), I decided to take a walk around his LES neighborhood.

A Black Blurry Car Reflected on a Flower Mirror on a Residential Door

Beer Bottles Shaped Like Maple Syrup Bottles at Whole Foods

Super Deluxe - A Graffiti-zed Sesame Street Like Building


3 thoughts:

good to see that lil Ebit still has a home on your books. Not sure where the accompanying "ROC" rock went...

What is in your Tiffany pouch?

a heart shaped silver necklace i bought ... i collect heart necklaces