Thursday, June 11, 2009

Icarus and Bruegel

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

This morning was not so good. I woke up, decided not to exercise (out of sheer sleepiness) and received an email that I had made some faulty error (work). Already not a good start.

Moments later, I looked down at my hands and arms and realized they were blue from last night - I had oil painted on canvas a blue sailboat in blue waters against a blue sky.
En route to work after being delayed by emotions and events, I got stuck in the elevator at South Park.
Cross-town traffic in a cab sucked so much I could have ran to work faster, and I arrived to work late to start the day.

When negative things like the above happen and I blow them out of proportion, I think about Bruegel's well lit painting of Icarus drowning - and reflect how so many (negative) things that seem so great are indeed trivial ... and life goes on.


3 thoughts:

I remember analyzing this one from my art history class... brings back memories, I used to study each painting diligently-- when its not found in the textbook, I referred to the painting on Carol Gerten Jackson's online web gallery..
She had pretty much everything!


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