Sunday, June 21, 2009

Packing in Last Bit of Sarah Time

The weekend seemed busy ... I didnt sleep that much, but yet didnt do that much either. It consisted of three things: work, eat and a lil exercise. Oh I did get another 2nd degree burn. Oops.

It's Sarah's last weekend in the city before she takes off to visit family, travel for fun and head to school. And so we packed in a few last minute activities: Friday (baked apple tarts, ate 3 dinners (rice and vegetables, lasagna and Lombardi's pizza) and Saturday (good bye dinner with feta watermelon salad, goat cheese portobellos, Quinoa and tomatoes cooked in broth, spanakopita and finally, honey Greek yogurt with strawberries and mangoes (I thought of this as an easy dessert on the subway)!

Some Friday Food: Curry Vegetables, Lasagna and a Pair of Punchy Cherries
Pre-Bake with a Y in the Center

Post-Bake With Flakiness

Enroute to Lombardi's: A Self Portrait

Sarah in Playground - While Waiting for a Table at Lombardi's

Saturday night dinner was particularly fun - I cooked with SEH. The food turned out great and the random conversation better. Throughout the evening, I learned Obama killed a fly during an interview, dangers of airplanes tempature sensors and bacteria needed for Vitamin K. Oh and my panna cotta also turned out to be a hit. Excellent! On my way home though late Saturday night, reality struck ... I'm going to miss her.

More Pics below.

Spanakopita - Someone Put a Recipe in Front of me Friday Night

Watermelon Feta

SEH's Last Minute Decision to Stuff Portobellos
Fruit Finely Chopped for Greek Yogurt w Honey Dessert
After Dinner Tea

Peonies from Whole Foods


3 thoughts:

Food looks finger licking delic cannot wait to try it for myself.
Love the self portrait, can see its an integral part of every post :P

Watermellon and Feta seem like a weird combination

Dear Danny, it's a very common Greek salad, watermelon with feta ... but I put in some mint and ginger for addt'l garnish. You'll see when you go to Greece!