Sunday, August 02, 2009

How Many Cupcakes Can a Person Eat?

Inside Babycakes

Miss Cupcake Girl, Marissa came to visit and as could be expected, the wknd was food-filled! We embarked on Cupcake Tour Part two, and consumed quite a few cupcakes. First stop, was the cupcake truck, a mobile dessert truck that focuses on unique cupcake flavors; they also market their locations and products on twitter!

As an aside, we were so thirsty in Union Square (hot and humid day) and brainstormed where we could buy water the cheapest - but right as we thought about it, we ran into a man handing out free water bottles. He simultaneously passed a card that read, "trust God, he loves you" - to which I replied, "of course he does!" The guy didnt respond to my response and stared at me a lil blankly.

Next stop was Babycakes, a lil bakeshop that is so neatly decorated it would fit well onto any page in a design magazine. Cupcakes though a bit pricier here (close to $4 - how?!), but I really loved the interior decor. The hues of light pastels and the old red lil cash register made it cute.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine was next ... I saw the ladies frost the cupcakes with a spatula and saw the professional mixers in the background working. At $1.50 per treat, this place is one of the more affordable sweet treat places in the city.

Step Inside Babycakes

L-R, Top to Bottom: Marissa and Magnolia's on Orange Line; Cupcake Truck; Nutterflutter and Caramel Macchiato; Lemon, Red Velvet and Brownie; Someone Wanted to take my pic; Lemon Cupcake with Brown Dot; byCak; Sugar Sweet Sprinkles Blue and Pink

At night, we had dinner at JP's and Marissa prepared the mushroom pea risotto recipe I printed out from Giada. Din was good, conversation became more intense about education, art and whatnot, making someone almost late to Milk & Honey. Luckily, the CSA vegetables Marissa brought from Boston lasted through the 6.5 hours worth of transportation time on Friday night. Phew!!

Oh I also made some mini chocolate cupcakes and stuffed them with honey vanilla ice cream for dessert. They were so mini.

Risotto Watching

Double Effort: Cooking and Salting

Saturday Night Dinner (Top-Bottom, L-R): 3 Corn; Green Beans; Ice Cream Cupcake Sandwich; Mini Cupcakettes; Mushroom and Pea Risotto; Tri-Color Salad


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Can't believe i missed this!!! Ahhhhh, crap! You are too cute! - I don't even need to sign this post, you know who wrote this (o:

all your pictures of food look so good. yum!