Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Meals Planned

Lots of food this weekend -

On Saturday, made din with Nora and her mentee, Tasmin - she's very mature for a 13 year old, and I was definitely impressed by how well read she is - I had a lot of fun meeting and chatting with her throughout the evening. At 13, she's already so goal-oriented and mature!

On Sunday, had brunchfest at JP's in the Lower East Side ... it was a large group of eight, and we served Mexican pizzas a la Taco Bel style. Conversation and food turned out well, but clean up turned out to be not so fun (not surprisingly).

Salmon Sliders for Dinner
Boston Cream Cupcakes
Mentee Fun!
Mexican Pizza, Pecan Pie, and Beets with Cheese!


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