Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Time Snacks

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza and Baby Pizza
Homemade Potato Sticks

More on food ... on Sunday I made some peach cupcakes with ricotta honey frosting. It was pretty good and I ate two this morning for breakfast.

On Saturday, I went over to JP's and had some vegetarian pizza (arugula, brocolio rabe a lá luzzo's, del fina pizzeria) ... and also snacked on some homemade potato sticks!

On Sunday, I had dinner with Evan and Rakesh at Perry Street. It was raining so hard with hail and lightening, and I didnt want to head out, but I still did. It had literally been months since I've seen them ... and since it's rw week, we figured we'd dine at a nice place. Wish I brought a camera, because there were so many picture perfect moments on the walk towards West End Highway.

Next to come ... a blogpost with pics re: my living space. I'm done painting, and I'm a proud DIY'er (do it yourself-er). Yay!


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