Sunday, May 09, 2010

Chelsea Market, Highline and Degustation

On Friday, Vincent came into town, and took me out to dinner at Degustation.  I had heard good things about Degustation but didnt realize that reservations in general are tough bc the restaurant only seats ~16.  We tried out the tasting menu and feasted on hamachi, almond soup, duck, lamb, rabbit, fried eggs, and chocolate banana pudding! 

But before dinner, we went to Jacque Torres chocolate haven (first try at Hudson Street, but it was closed) in Chelsea Market.  I havent spent much time in Chelsea Market but it felt like a cross between being in Pirates of the Caribbean and somewhere in the Wild West.  So many bakeshops and artisan type places in the market.  We also stepped up to see Highline, and checked out a new outside art display.

I love my pocket cam, and here are its captures from Friday night.


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