Monday, September 26, 2011

Claire's Dol :: Birthday Party Photography

A lil boy came up to me at this party and decided to tell me that this was THE BEST birthday party he had ever attended because they had cookies ... and not just cupcakes.  Earlier this month, cute Claire celebrated her dol with friends and family at Fleming's in Edgewater.  The purpled themed super well planned party was complete with lots of sweet edibles (just see below!) - and it turned out to be a great birthday where there seemed to be something for everyone even at a steak house! 


2 thoughts:

Thank you so much for photographing our celebration!!! We love the pictures! Rose, Ed, Claire, and Jillian

Wow, this birthday party is seriously so cool my friend! Everyone in this stylish bash looks way too happy and excited. Even I am going to celebrate my little Claira’s 1st birthday in the vintage style. The search for the most adorable indoor event space NYC is on. Hopefully will crack a nice deal.