Friday, July 22, 2011

A Sweetly Sentimental Central Park Wedding :: Photography

Last Sunday, I photographed simply sweet Central Park Wedding for Jess and Amy.  They married at the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park, and afterwards, we took a stroll for an hour en route to the Boat Basin.  And during the stroll I would pull them aside randomly for photos.  There were so many elements of thoughtfulness including:

* her dress was made of silk her father had purchased for her mother when he was stationed in korea in the 1970s
* the dress was handmade by a friend using her mom's antique sewing machine
* the violin played at the ceremony belonged to her father
* the bouquet was homemade
* they gave away m&ms that had their faces custom printed on them
* they gave away spray fans that wld blow mist to cool off 


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