Thursday, December 02, 2010

Finance and Photos

Talk about combining the past with the present - earlier this week, I had an assignment to photograph for QuantNet (an online resource geared towards financial engineering students).  The afternoon started in Midtown, at Quantitative Brokers, where I photographed some still shots of an ongoing interview (day in the life of an employee) and continued on to document the MFE program at Baruch College.  

As I was taking a portrait of a professor, I started talking to him about what he taught (I can be chatty while I photograph sometimes) - and he mentioned he taught in various methods for option pricing - and I responded, "that sounds a lot more complicated than Black Scholes" and he said, "I'm more surprised that a photographer has heard of BS."  Hah!


3 thoughts:

Nice! That project is right down your alley.

Nice capture of student watching sports news during class! Busted...