Monday, October 04, 2010

My 28th Birthday, Just Words

Yesterday I turned 28, and throughout the entire day, I didnt take a single picture, maybe because I snapped around 1,000 the day before at a wedding.  The weather was perfect, crisp and cool, with a little bit of sun, exactly how fall should feel.  Nonetheless, it turned out to be a memorable birthday because I got to do everything I love and see/hear from everyone I love.

Birthdays are always lovely bc they put you in touch with so many people - the night before when he dropped me off from the wedding, at 12:46am, Nirmal wished me a happy birthday; then, at 10:06pm the night of, Marissa left me a msg wishing me a happy birthday; in between so many msgs on various mediums as well.

The day started out early at 6am because I wanted to maximize my waking hours; it was my birthday and I wanted to be awake as much as possible.  

8am I attended mass next door at Saint Paul the Apostle.  My friend Jack who always sits next to me in the third row pew, was there and talked abt how he liked my pics, especially of the lil children.  The homily was about mustard seeds, and was moving and motivational as expected.

10am class with Georgia, and Robin told everyone it was my birthday.  Georgia made it a terrific class even though I was running on four hours of sleep.  Everyone sang the birthday song to me in trikonasana, both sides, and she was just genuinely nice and lovely throughout the class.  The class was my gas station, I did full camel, and it even ran over the scheduled 90 mins.  I saw so many familiar faces, and even Connie, who gave me kisses before she and her husband left for Italy.  And I did one more standing bow after class and locked my leg for fun.

Afterwards, a quick skype session with Bud, and I noticed how his hair has gotten longer. Multitasking, I edited and uploaded 50 pics from the wedding the day before - I love my birthday present from self, a L class telephoto lens.

2:30pm lunch with one of my good friends Jaimin at abckitchen.  We had feasted on delicious organic foods including bruschetta, tomato and mozzarella salad, eggs benedict and chamomile tea.  Food and decor were elegant and colorful, and still I didnt snap a single pic.  Lively conversation as always, and we learned what yuzu is.  I wore a new turquoise sweater dress and an old blue hoodie that I bought in San Francisco a few years back on a day Jaimin and I had dinner at Solstice.

5:00pm dessert with Erika, Jaimin and Davis at Spot in the East Village.  We ordered a yuzu lemon cupcake and coconut vanilla cupcake and drank more tea.  The Spot was so cute, and had nice wooden tables and seats, I could have carried my netbook and done work.  Conversation was random but fun, we talked about serial killers and made plans for a winter party in December.

Shopping for jelly jars and eye-catching kitchen stuff followed in Flatiron.

Then I went home and talked to parents on skype. They love talking about Evan and how sharp and fast he is (apparently rode the elevator alone), and how Old Bean still purchases nuts and bolts and nails from amazon all the time.

Then Sarah called and I talked to her, catching up on a week's worth of events.

And because the night ended up chilly, I wrapped up the day undercovers, wearing my red extralarge USMC tee and surfing the web on my netbook.


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