Sunday, June 06, 2010

Diana's Sunday Bridal Shower

It was hot and humid, there were flowers everywhere, and it was the perfect setting for a Hawaiian themed bridal shower. I was so impressed that the bride and her friends all knew each other from elementary school - even her Mom had friends at the party that she had known for quite some time.  The weather though warm was at least cooperative for photos - lighting was decent!  Yay!

As always photos are clickable for slightly  larger view -


3 thoughts:


Amazing Pictures....... Even though I wasn't there, you did a great job of capturing each and every moment and allowing the guests logging into your site to get a recap of the party! Nice job and thanks again for coming out and helping Adriana with Diana's Bridal party!

Thanks Rich! I have a couple hundred pics to deliver in a few days :) so many more to come!

I love the pics. Even though my dress looks like I'm wearing a tent. But that's a personal choice lol and not the photographers fault :-) It was nice meeting you! Add me on FB.

Vonti M.