Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now and Zen ... Bro Sis Wknd in DC!

i made a last minute trip to DC over the wknd to visit Bud.  the next few wks might be rough for him w field exercises, so i decided i had to go.

though rain was forecasted for both saturday and sunday (even thunderstorms), we managed to have a great time together.  on saturday we walked around the mall and visited the american history museum.  for din, we met up with his buddy anthony and his fiance, at Sakana for sushi.  And on Sunday, after a good night's sleep at the Capital Hilton, we ventured out to the Navy memorial, stopped by Teaism and brunched at Cafe Atlantico.  Thanks for treating me to all three meals!  Much love ♥

PS my dress isnt really purple, but i wanted to pretend i had worn a purple dress!!


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Next time, I'll let you know at least a week in advance. =D