Friday, March 26, 2010

A Few Days at the Ashram

On the second morning, we took the wrong ferry to Paradise Island, not realizing that there was only one specific ferry from Mermaid Dock that would take us to the ashram.  The rain started to pour and we ended up soaked. After a long trip for such a short distance we made it to the ashram.  For the next few days, we would wake up early to chant and meditate, take two yoga classes and eat two vegetarian meals.  The days went by so rapidly because we had so little to do in such long time blocks.

There was a special musical festival on the days we visited, and we observed and listened how music and prayer can be so closely intertwined. The classes were fun, and the days were interesting even though it felt more/less like camp.  Oh and one of the instructors asked if I were a dancer or gymnast!  Sivananda is quite a bit different from Bikram, but each day I was there I was pulled to focus on yoga through a different light. 

The ashram is situated in a nice private area on Paradise Island, ironically, next to the Atlantis.


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